serenity stones.

New top banner is a shot of my Serenity Stones that I created for Project Two.
Again, I’m happy with how the review and presentations went – generally.
I was way nervous (blaming my rude pantyhose) and I feel like I ran through my presentation way too fast, but overall I got some of the reactions that I was hoping for when many of the critics said that they found my product ‘pleasing’.
If I could change my project, I would clearly improve the pebble portion of my model – but I do feel that I did the best I could have with what was available at the time.
I enjoyed the challenge of only using images for our boards, but I’m not quite sure if I really rose to the challenge completely.
Oh man, I’m tired. I swear I had more to say. I think I’m proud of what I did, but I’m not sure.
I feel like the whole product is too simple, but at the same time the simplicity is what makes it so beautiful and easy to use. I accomplished a lot of what I intended to do with this product concept: create something to decrease anxiety, and that applies to a wide range of ages and people without being a fugly, obviously ‘assistive’ prodcut.
Our boards were 80″ X 34″, with 2″ margins all over. Here’s a shot of my layout, with the grid. For the actual presentation I moved the large black board to the bottom of that column.

My two favorite concepts for this project were by Wes and Yichen – both very cool. Wes made a very revolutionary design for the walker that looks much sleeker and fun, and Yichen made a water fountain clock that always has water streaming to tell what time it is through the number of streams.

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