project notes.

What is everyone else doing, so that I don’t do it?
a walker that is an “un-walker” of sorts
changing the way a container is used from fine motor movements to simpler, more general ones
a playground
changing keys/knobs for people with arthritis
a water temperature regulator
a high-tech-y, redesigned walker
a gardening assistant tool
a recycling system for plastic bags that helps the homeless [whoa]
‘golden brick road’ of safety and comfort
something Yichen’s doing…?
a “hobby idea of the day” planner
shoe insole that measures medical data
an ad campaign that also measures medical data
and then something I’m doing… ha ha ha

This is what I have written down:
-> slow living/happy living
Night light, pill boxes/bottles, reminders, mobility, bathroom, kitchens, functional jewelry, clocks/timers/alarms, comfort/safety, being remembered/legendary, furniture, lighting, calmness, anxiety, functional art, low-tech, pockets, electronic ink…
How to reduce anxiety, slow life down, make things more enjoyable in the moment?
dual-purpose products
something that markets to everyone
sneaky purposes
But what makes a house a home? How can I de-stress elderly living?
Not just the obvious “I’m afraid to fall down” “What if I take the wrong pill?” stuff.


When Yichen said something about a clock, it jolted my brain a little bit. I wake up panicky sometimes because I don’t know what time it is and I’m afraid I’ve overslept or something. I also started thinking a little when someone said night light because whenever my grandparents come stay at my parent’s house, they put a night light in the hallway…[but those are other people’s ideas. AGAIN.]

Oh, this is so stressful. I know I’m SO so close to something. I can feel it inside my brain – little workers are organizing boxes of thoughts, pushing them around and placing them on the correct shelves and the box with the idea for this project in it is just right beside what they’re currently organizing, but they haven’t reached the box I need yet…

I need to create something assistive in a non-traditional sense. Gah.
I’ve come to far now to cop-out and do something “just assistive.”
I have to make something that makes people happy.
I also really want whatever “technology” I use to be REALLY easy – i.e. that beaker lamp DVA talked about in class that uses simple hand motions to use.


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