slow, but steady

Yikes. I’m running late leaving the house [again!] and DVA is taking us on some “field trip” of sorts.
I’ve been processing this project for, what, two weeks now?
I know what I don’t want my product to be like and I know what I do want it to be like, but still no “category” or concrete “description”.
I like products that serve more than one purpose – like a necklace that serves as a magnifying glass, or the bookshelfing unit that doubles as a step-stool on the bottom portion.
I’ve found some products that are pretty smart, but aren’t pretty.
And then there’s the simplest of things, like a pill slider reminder – using the simplest ‘technology’ to solve a simple problem.
I also really dig this planter that uses simple and recognizable medical technology to solve the problem of forgetting to water plants.
I’m interested in mobility, furniture, lamps, and smaller carry-along products – like a pill box I found that allows for the day container to snap out and be carried along with the person for the rest of the day. The older man that came in said that the pill box has a dual purpose – it holds their pills, but it also reminds them what day it is.
I’m starting to feel a little better.


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