la musica

Of course I pump beats to pump out design. I’m the kind of kid that still listens to Backstreet Boys in her car when she’s stressed out [i.e. today]. Speaking of music, I had a blast @ The Drunken Unicorn last night with Does it Offend You, Yeah? and the band that opened for them with their sweeeet light show. Speaking of sweet music stuff related to sick design and technology, check out the Tenori-on – a ridic sound-generating light board thingy I want real bad [despite not being able to eloquently describe it].

Here’s a sampling of my Project 1 playlist:
Third Eye Blind – “Crystal Baller”
Staind – “Believe”
MGMT – “Electric Feel”
Does it Offend You, Yeah? – “Let’s Make Out” and “We are Rockstars”
Beachtitti – “Discobelle” and “Summermix_01”
Girl Talk ‘Feed the Animals’ album
Bayside – “Baby Britain (acoustic)”
Hot Chippppp
Jimmy Eat World ‘Chase This Light’ album
assorted Le Castle Vania, MSTRKRFT, Chromeo, and othersssss

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2 thoughts on “la musica

  1. Matt says:

    the cost of a tonori-on = 😦

    p.s. you may or may not be aware of hot chip’s upcoming show in early October.


  2. iamemmathea says:

    yeah man, $1,200 could be Tonori-on OR it could be a whole bunch of shoes…

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