Eureka, perhaps?

Oh man, I never even thought about being able to put seeds in the paper packaging of my product. I don’t know much this changes my whole idea yet. Should just the package have seeds, and then the spoonfork be the plant tag? That seems a lot more realistic than having seeds somehow inside the tips of the fork, because I honestly question if seeds cast inside of a biodegradable resin/substance would be able to germinate when the rest of the utensil starts decomposing.
I’m also really inspired by the individually wrapped tea packets where the tag-thingy at the end of the tea bag is integrated into the paper packet that holds the whole thing [I hope that was comprehendable].
I’m starting to feel a little better.

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One thought on “Eureka, perhaps?

  1. id3011b says:

    hell yes! this is getting somewhere good. Have you ever seen the ad’s on the side of ( i think its ryder trucks ). They are for moving, and have “moving tip #37 etc. ) funny abstracted one frame image jokes.

    anyway, this is turning into a really great substrate for some good graphic design in the packaging. Some clever copy on the ‘envelope’ who knows.

    I totally agree that being realistic about the paper being your seeds and the spoonfork being your ‘tag’. It is in a funny halfway zone now though where there is a fight with why the consumer buys/likes it, it is for the herb garden seeds, or is it for the spoon/fork and WHOA suprise! ?

    put a fork in me, im done

    growing with every meal !!!


    you better pull this off!

    and. its not my idea. its your product and your concept when you bring it to life.

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