working hard, or hardly working?

Since I’ve been at work, instead of working on studio [surprise!], I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of eco-design, eco-friendliness, recycling, and all other “green” things while business has been slow and no one wants to eat spaghetti. Checking the restrooms to make sure they’re stocked with toilet paper is one part of many important things I do as a hostess [ha ha], and as I kept replacing toilet paper I kept getting more annoyed. Why can’t the traditional cardboard roll be integrated into the actual toilet paper, like those paper straws? The toilet paper roll could be made out of more tightly wound paper, or something other than cardboard, and then it could be literally used until it was all gone. Also, why don’t we try to recycle more paper products at work? I mean, we use paper napkins, place mats, paper towels, toilet paper, the wrapper on the toilet paper, the toilet paper rolls, all the cardboard boxes that everything gets shipped to us in, To-Go containers, and the list continues…

Also wish that there was a bigger push to use organic cloth and materials in fashion, but again – “eco-luxury” doesn’t apply to many people. Until using organic cloth is more mainstream and less expensive, most people aren’t going to use it or purchase it.
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I suppose its like that idea that until the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change, nothing happens. Unless someone gives people a better reason or reward to recycle, no one really cares. The lack of recycling locations is also a bummer. I feel all too conscious of being incredibly wasteful, and it makes me uncomfortable. One sneaky little green tip: You should unplug electric appliances you’re not using, because leaving them plugged in wastes energy.

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