Moon Jar Nitez

I’ve been having trouble focusing down on this first studio project because I haven’t really thought about making things in a ‘studio class sense’ all summer, so my brain still hasn’t jumpstarted back to its creative side. However, while I was trying to do some research for our new project that involves Eco Design, I found
something fantastic that I want.

On other notes, I wish I new more about CSS because I would feel better knowing how to edit things with a style sheet instead of my basic HTML skills honed from Myspace. I also haven’t figured out my way around this yet, so fingers crossed I get some spare time soon [I can’t stand a mis-managed, un-professional looking blog, although I do understand we can’t ALL be the next big internet blog]

Blogging for grades is so 2k8.

ps. I think this “GREEN” trend is boring. I really don’t like it when people try to prove how great they are. Advertising how ‘kind to the enviro’ you are is really just like bragging about how you’re the humblest person you know. Lame.

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One thought on “Moon Jar Nitez

  1. id3011b says:

    I agree! the ‘green’ trend is a pile! So many companies are trying to find and or point out the one tiny little part of their operation that is green and promote themselves as this green giant. Its crap! to be green is so much more than just using the right materials or reducing your waste.

    It is our job as designers to make things ‘green’ from the ground up. always. because there is no one else who does that. we must re-invent systems of organization, use, and behavior, not just spec. the latest bamboo plywood for our crappy shelving system.

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